1. Gardenia Plant Pests?

Asked by Anonymous - December 26, 2010

My gardenia plant has a white, powdery substance around the buds, which are not blooming and subsequently dropping off. Leaves are green and shiny and new leaves are appearing. Some leaves have holes in them. What to do?


2. Rootless Gardenia Will It Die?

Asked by edwinreyes - December 27, 2010

is gardenia plants survive even without roots? i planted 1 gardenia in my garden but i just cut it in the garden of neighbor?what will i do to make it alive. pls. help me co’z i really love gardenia plants.thank you.


3. Freeze Tolerance

Asked by Anonymous - January 6, 2011

I have two established gardenia bushes on the south side of my house and they have been doing well for eight years. Tonight the temperature is supposed to drop to 20. Do I need to cover or mulch them?


4. Gardenia Plants

Asked by Anonymous - January 11, 2011

I have two Gardenia potted plants in a screened in area in Florida. I believe it is infested with mealy bugs – little white, straight masses of them on the leaves. What is a good remedy?


5. Pruning a Gardenia

Asked by Anonymous - January 14, 2011

Can you prune a gardenia now, and can you cut the limbs and make a sprout where it will come up at another place? We live in Newnan, GA. and the shrub has become really bushy.


6. White Soft Stuff on Gardenia Plant

Asked by Anonymous - January 16, 2011

This stuff is on my gardenia plant. Most of the white cotton stuff is on the stems and heavier on joined branches. I have sprayed a fungicide last week and it seems to be more of that stuff. I used a cotton tip to soak the white stuff and removed it, so I thought. I think it is also in the soil. Sometimes I see a small bug flying around.


7. Sick Gardenia Bush

Asked by Anonymous - January 18, 2011

My gardenia bush held on beautifully and had lots of blooms during the spring and summer, but we had some below freezing temps and now the leaves are brown and crispy, even though I covered it during the extreme cold. Is is a goner or will it come back?

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