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A Certified GKH Gardening Expert is an individual who has been certified by GardeningKnowHow.com as being an experienced gardener. Our current Certified GKH Gardening Experts have been gardening for at least 10 years (and in most cases more) and have the expertise to help you find the right answer to your gardening questions.

Want to become a Certified GKH Gardening Expert?

We would love to have you! All you need to do to become certified is do one of the following things:

  • Complete 200 answers to questions on Gardening Know How’s Q&A site (that are also approved by our current experts) to show your knowledge and expertise in gardening
  • Contact us and show us proof that you work for the U.S. Extension Service (or an international equivalent)
  • Contact us and show us proof that you have a degree in horticulture
  • Contact us and show us proof that you have obtained Master Gardener status through your local Extension Service, Botanical Garden or equivalent garden service in your area.

Once certified by our staff, you will be eligible to apply for compensation for your time answering gardening questions. Those that have been approved as Certified GKH Gardening Experts are reviewed each spring to determine if they are eligible for compensation.


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