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  1. dirt is too airy
  2. windmill palm in a large pot outside
  3. calla lily
Asked by aryan on June 3, 2015
Dirt Is Too Airy

My dirt is too airy and I want to plant some milkweed but am afraid that the dirt isn’t strong enough to support the plants. We cleared a section of our yard that has been overrun with bushes, poison ivy, vines and weeds for years (decades?). After all of the vegetation was cleared, my husband tilled the ground to get the roots. Now we are left with the most spongy, light and dead root filled dirt. When you walk on it, it is like walking on cotton balls. I would like to plant a monarch weigh station with lots of milkweeds and nectar plants. I am worried that the dirt is too flimsy and won’t hold the plants. My husband wants to till in some compost to firm it up. Will this work?

Asked by aryan on August 28, 2015
Windmill Palm in a Large Pot Outside

Our windmill palm is in a large pot outside. We want to plant it in the ground. We live in North Vancouver, B.C. and the palm would be in a west-facing location. It’s been in the large pot for five years and doesn’t seem to be growing much at all. It also has three stiff brown stems. I’ve trimmed the leaves which looked burnt.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Your growing zone is 7b, the Windmill Palm is hardy in zones 8a thru 11.

By the growing zones you are to cold, and remember these are guidelines. Weather trends and other conditions need to be considered.
I think I would repot and refresh the soil. This Palm generally is a slow growing variety.

Here is a link to refresh you on the growing conditions and care needed.

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Asked by aryan on August 31, 2015
Calla Lily

After the flower of the Calla Lily dies off, something like pods form. What are they? If planted, will they grow new plants? I purchased a Calla Lily plant and it is slowly dying off. It is still in the pot and I would like to prepare it for winter so I may plant it in my garden come spring. Is there another medium I could use for storing other than peat moss? Should it be stored in an open container, in a closed up box, plastic or what?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

You can save the seeds from the seed pods that have formed, or remove them by cutting them back.

I listed several links for you with information on Calla Lily care and wintering over.
You can remove the bulbs from the pots when the leaves have died down and dry and store them according to the directions below.
Use peat moss or even some saw dust to store the bulbs in a box with the top closed off but not to tightly.
They will be ready to move to the garden in the spring or a larger pot.

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