1. White Hyacinth Is Turning Brown—why

Asked by joseph tinklepaugh - January 23, 2011

My white hyacinth is turning brown.   Why and how do I fix it?

  • If the flower is older, it may just be fading naturally and that will cause it to brown. If it is fading sooner than you think it should, it is either lacking enough light or is over or under watered.

    Move it to a brighter window and water the soil only when it is dry to the touch on the very top of the soil.

2. Hyacinth Help

Asked by Anonymous - January 30, 2011

My hyacinth was starting to lean over, and eventually it snapped and broke. Will another flower grow out of the bulb? Is there anything I should do to produce another flower?


3. After Hyacinth Flowers Fade, What Do You Do?

Asked by Anonymous - February 14, 2011

After hyacinth flowers fade, what do you do?

  • You can cut the stems off once the flowers have faded, unless you would like the plants to naturalize. If you would like them to naturalize, simply leave the seed pods on. Do not cut the leaves until after they have turned yellow and died down.

4. Hyacinths

Asked by Anonymous - February 23, 2011

I bought a potted hyacinth from the grocery store last spring. I followed the instructions on how to keep it for this year. Once it started showing green through the soil, I brought in from the patio (I am in Melbourne, FL. ) and set it on a windowsill to get plenty of sun. I also began watering it. The plant was doing great for a while, and then I noticed new green sprouting in the soil. In about a week, the new blossoms started to die off and the new sprouts were getting bigger. I know now is not the time for transplanting or separating bulbs. They are currently in a six inch pot. What can I do to get blooms this spring?


5. Will Hyacinth Do Well in Zone 7?

Asked by buddy - March 3, 2011

Will hyacinth plants thrive in Zone 7?


6. Hyacinth

Asked by margaret - March 16, 2011

i have just really started doing a lil gardening. i planting about 6 hyacinth plants last fall that was giving to me for easter. my question is this spring they came up so pretty purple.then 3 more came up down a ways from them they were white.then i had 5 more to come up in a different place but kind in the area of the ones i planted they were also white. could the white one come from the purple ones i planted?

  • Not in one season. If They had been there a few years, it is possible, but they need to be in the ground for at least a full year before they produce seeds and bulblets (which you would need to grow new hyacinth).

    They may have been there before but just did not do well (i.e. flower) before there was someone to care for the location. Seeds may have been dropped by birds or other animals as well.

7. Hyacinth Bulbs to Plant Now

Asked by Anonymous - March 23, 2011

I’ve read up on keeping spring-blooming bulbs in the refrigerator over the winter and forcing them to bloom in the spring. I haven’t yet planted the bulbs outdoors because I would like them to be blooming around May 21, which is late for my area (near St. Louis, MO). How long after planting the bulbs in the ground outside can I expect them to bloom? Or would it be best to try to plant them in pots?

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