Blue Fescue

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  1. growing festuca glauca
  2. Blue fescue at 7000 feet in NM
Asked by dddonna on March 4, 2017
Growing Festuca Glauca

Will festuca glauca grow in partial shade, well drained amended soil?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

You will need a full sun (6 or more hours) for your Festuca Glauca to grow well and maintain it's color.

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Asked by Tina Sibbitt on May 31, 2017
Blue Fescue at 7000 Feet in NM

It is possible that my backyard desert-type soil is not as well-drained as I thought (there are rock shelves not far under), but I am also wondering how pine trees, i.e., acidic soil affect the fescue. My fescue closest to the pine tree did not do well. Also, my red cactus nearby did great for 2 years and then suddenly died. I thought maybe because my yard worker cut it way back in the fall, including the pretty reddish shoot. Any suggestions?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

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