1. Fig Trees

Asked by Anonymous - June 22, 2011

Why do my fig trees not leaf out on old stems every year? They put out new growth from roots.


2. Fig Diseases

Asked by Anonymous - June 23, 2011

Potted fig tree has blotchy leaves that are black. There is a bug attached to one leaf, white egg case and spider web, and brown circles with large eaten holes. Can’t decide how many things are wrong and how to treat it.


3. Fig Tree Leaves Turning Brown

Asked by bumchin1 - June 26, 2011

Why are my fig tree leaves turning brown?


4. Fig Tree Fruit Production

Asked by Anonymous - June 28, 2011

I had fruit on my fig tree last year but none this year.


5. What Is a Sucker

Asked by illuzzi - June 29, 2011

It said to prune away suckers for a fig tree. But what is a sucker?


6. Do You Prune Dead Branch on Fig Tree

Asked by illuzzi - June 29, 2011

The tree is only a foot tall. It looked dead. It had one brown branch, then green leaves sprung out from the bottom of plant, but there is one branch that is brown in the middle. Do you prune it or leave it?

  • You need to determine if it is really dead. Scratch the bark on it and if you see green beneath the bark, it is still alive and you can leave it. If it is not green and the branch is brittle, it is dead and can be removed.

7. Fig Tree Branch Decay

Asked by Anonymous - June 30, 2011

My mature fig tree (10′ wide x 8′ tall) looks fantastic with plenty of almost ripe fruit and green leaves this season. However, just recently I noticed several branches that have died (from healthy green leaves and growing fruit to brown shriveled, dead leaves and fruit). On the branch itself is a pinkish beige color that looks painted on the bark. It is not a powder substance and does not come off on my hands. At the moment this fungus appears to be killing sections of the branches rather than the entire limb. Please advise as to what disease my fig tree has and how I might stop the fungus from destroying the whole tree.

  • The closest thing I could speculate as to the cause would be anthracnose, which is a common fungal disease that can attack all plant parts during any growth stage. This fig tree disease can lead to cankers on branches, resulting in severe defoliation and root rot. Infected areas might emit pink-looking spores. Copper based fungicides are used to control anthracnose.

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