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  1. Different Leaves
Asked by nica02 on June 8, 2013
Different Leaves

My daughter and I both sent for hummingbird plants that we saw advertised on the internet. It was a special of some kind that if you bought 2 you got 2 free. All plants arrived in good shape and I put them all in water. They have now sprouted leaves but none of them look like the hummingbird plants we see planted around here. Most have foliage that look wispy and fern like. Our plants have leaves that look a lot like Rose of Sharon. We now have all these plants and are not sure what to do with them. I have been reading anything I can find on the internet, but I am still not sure of what plants we really have. How many different kinds are there? I have not been able to find out. Thanks for your help. Patricia


Seems like a good question to ask the seller. The only 2 vining plants that are commonly called hummingbird vine is the one you describe, and Campsis or "trumpet creeper". Campsis, unfortunately, doesn't have leaves like alcea. Hope you can find out.

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