1. Rosemary Plant

Asked by charliedog - June 10, 2012

My rosemary plant is in a terracotta pot, but it is dry and brittle and the needles are falling off. Is it dead or dying? What should I do? I live in AZ, so it gets plenty of sunshine and I thought I was careful to not overwater. Help.

  • It is either underwatered or it has a fungus. In hotter climates plants need additional watering, especially in containers. If the plant itself is dried out to the stem, it will not recover. If only the soil is completly dried out, then soaking the pot in a tub of water will help rehydrate the soil again so the plant can get the water it needs.

    If you feel it is getting enough water, treat the plant with a fungicide.

2. How to Get Rid of an Overgrown Outdoor Rosemary Bush

Asked by chell - June 21, 2012

I have a rosemary bush in my garden that has been there for ages and I want to get rid of it but not sure how to do it?


3. Rosemary Bush Pruning and Growing From Cutting

Asked by tesso - June 30, 2012

I purned my 12 year old rosemary bush and it seems to have mostly died off. Can I take a cutting and replant it please?


4. Why Is My Rosemary Turning Grey When Drying?

Asked by owen - August 4, 2012

I am trying to dry my rosemary. I laid it out on a counter for a day and then I run my hands down the stalk to remove the leaves (got this info on the net). However, the leaves are turning grey or black. What is the problem?

  • There is a fungus on the leaves. It is probably pretty humid where you are which makes the problem worse. I would recommend when drying that you have a fan blowing gently over the area you are using for drying or try drying in a paper bag. This will help reduce the humidity so that fungus does not develop.

5. Rosemary Plant

Asked by udagsd - September 6, 2012

Help to transplant a rosemary plant from purchased pot to small planter. I purchased a Rosemary plant. It is root bound. Can I pull the roots away from the root ball?  And maybe cut the root ball so it fits in my planter?



6. I Have a Large Rosemary Bush That Is Failing

Asked by Missy fou fou - September 13, 2012

Large old rosemary bush. Ten years old. About half of the bush is turning brownish/yellow and dry. Does it need lime or fertilizer? Or is it just getting old? Really hate to lose it. Thank you!


7. Rosemary Is Dying

Asked by Anonymous - September 20, 2012

Our rosemary plants are dying. They are about 3 to 4 foot tall. The stems turn brown then the needles fall off.

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