Parlor Palm

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  1. Is something wrong with my parlor plant?
Asked by on September 20, 2016
Is Something Wrong With My Parlor Plant?

I just got this parlor palm about a week ago. Has a weird brown ball growing and brown tips on the stems and the leaves. Wondering if this is normal or what I should do to fix it? Thanks!

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

This article will help you with the brown leaf tips:

I am not sure what the brown ball is. I don't know of any diseases that could cause that in a parlor palm. It could be an insect egg case or some sort of gall:

In any case, the brown ball and the stem it's attached to should be pruned off. Clean the clippers you use with a mild bleach solution (like 10% bleach) afterwards just in case there is a disease present.

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