Caryopteris Shrubs

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Asked by Anonymous on May 5, 2014
Caryopteris Shrub

My caryopteris shrub is slowly ‘fading’ — leaves on a branch go limp and then die. Does it have a disease; if so, how do I treat it? Or could it be from the harsh rain and wind we had several weeks ago?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

If you had a lot of rain, then it could simply need time to dry out some. It may even have developed a fungal infection as a result. You can cut away any unhealthy branches and treat the shrub with neem oil or other suitable fungicide.

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Asked by Anonymous on August 8, 2017
Caryopteris Xclandoenisis

I cut the dead wood back in the center when it was leafed out – in May – there are no flowers at all and many of the leaves are yellowing the plant is about 4 year old


So, the center of the plant was dead in spring. Do you mean regular winter kill? Did you remove more than half the plants leaves? You may have just really stunted its growth for this year. Make sure it is getting enough water and only use a side dressing of compost, not fertilizer. Caryoptersis blooms in late summer to early fall. It is said to tolerate summers in zone 9 so if you are having a zone 10 type summer, it may be heat stressed.

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Asked by abcdabcda on August 20, 2017
Planting Longwood Blue Blue Mist Shrub

When is the best time to plant the Longwood Blue Blue Mist Shrub?

Thank you.

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