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Top Questions About Burning Bush Plants

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Questions About Burning Bush Plants

  • Answered by
    luis_pr on
    October 12, 2021

    Oh, I know how you missed this. I personally saw one burning bush for the first time in October about 10-15 years ago when visiting my MIL in the northeast. Gorgeous, are they now? Here are some possibilities:

    * The presence of some pests like aphids and spider mites may be interfering so research if there is an infestation.

    * When they don’t receive enough water, photosynthesis lags. Instead of being lush and green, the leaves may turn yellow, and then brown. If Missouri has had a lot of rain, burning bushes looking yellow, because too much rain could have caused chlorosis.

    * A warm season may also cause no reds. Without a brisk chill and its corresponding lower temperatures to signal change, a shrub may remain green until the first hard frost, when the leaves wilt and drop with little to no color change.

    * Lack of enough sunlight also causes problems. A full six hours is needed to achieve good reds. Make sure that the bush is now not being shaded or the weather is not unusually cloudy.

    * New shrubs may do this on year 1 sometimes but they start producing more reds in future years.

    * It is the wrong cultivar. Some euonymus can look very similar to the red burning bush (also known as Euonymus alatus or winged euonymus) when young, except they never turn red.

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