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Asked by mermaids on March 13, 2015
Baby Toes Flopping Over

What can I do when my baby toes flop over? Perhaps I under watered it? I have it in my window during the winter in zone 8 Oregon and watered once every 3 or so weeks. Help!

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Since overwatering is the most common mistake, I would suspect this is the case. Also, they must be planted in very well draining soil, to keep the roots from sitting in water. A shallow container works best.

Here is a link to proper care.

Let you plant soil dry, provide bright light and wait it out!

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Asked by Amie on April 23, 2017
Lithos Baby Toes

I want to maintain a specific garden for my living rocks. Can I add my baby toes in and give them the same care?

Liz Baessler
Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Unfortunately, mixing baby toes and living rocks probably isn't a good idea. Both have low water needs to begin with, and when they go dormant, they shouldn't be watered at all. The dormant period for these two plants are actually at opposite times of the year, so planting them together would result in one always being over- or under-watered.

You can read more about baby toes here:

And more about living rocks here:

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