1. Starting Onion Seeds Indoors

Asked by Anonymous - February 3, 2011

Your article says to plant onion seed indoors in the fall. Can I start seeds indoors now for spring planting this year, or is it better to just plant them outdoors in March/April? I live near Detroit.


2. When to Plant Onions in Dallas

Asked by Anonymous - February 16, 2011

When is a good time to plant onion transplants in Dallas?


3. Fertilizing Onions

Asked by Anonymous - February 28, 2011

What should I use to fertilize onions?

  • Onions require a high source of nitrogen. Therefore, a nitrogen-based fertilizer (ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate) should be applied. For organic gardeners, a rich compost high in nitrogen should be incorporated into the soil.

4. Growing Big Onions

Asked by Anonymous - March 3, 2011

I’ve grown onions for 50 years now, and every year try to get them as big as I can, even putting them in early to try and get as much growing time as I can. Still I can never get them as big as some I saw many years ago on a allotment. This bloke had rows upon rows of at least 6-pound onions.  I never saw him to ask, but I’m curious as to what he fed them, or if they were a special onion. I try ash and all sorts of feed to get 3-pound onions but never 6 pounds. Do you have any info that could help me?


5. My Onion Is Growing!

Asked by Anonymous - March 5, 2011

I have had an onion growing in my house for about 3 weeks now, and it has just gotten bigger and bigger. It has sprouts coming from the top of it. I put it in a pot with good soil. Now what do I do to take care of it? Should I put it outside? I think it will turn into a flower.


6. How Often Do Onions Need to Be Watered?

Asked by kingamaslanka - March 11, 2011

I’m planting onions inside the house. . . . . how often do they need to be watered?


7. Planting Sprouted Onion

Asked by Anonymous - March 11, 2011

So, we have a regular purple onion with a 3-inch green stalk shooting out of the end. We dug a hole and put the onion in the hole. This won’t work right? I guess it’s already grown. Will this provide a seed for future growth? Was this all just a silly exercise in hole building?

  • You won’t end up with new onions, but, yes, you may end up with seeds or bulblets (seed bulbs attached to the mother plant you can plant next year).

    Also, many alliums (onions and relatives) have a lovely flower. You may find it very decorative.

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