1. Fruit Flies

Asked by dailyllama - February 17, 2011

How do I get rid of fruit flies which have taken up residence in my amaryllis planter/soil?

Added: Thanks for the article on pests, Heather…
Dailyllama (Patrick)


2. Fertilizer for Amaryllis

Asked by Anonymous - February 24, 2011

Can you tell me what type of fertilzer I should be using on my amaryllis? I live in Phoenix, AZ and the plants are outdoors in containers, and a few are in the ground. The leaves are healthy but they rarely produce flowers.


3. Amaryllis Plants

Asked by Anonymous - March 7, 2011

I live in the desert. In the summer, the temperature is between 90-105 degrees. It can also be quite windy. Should I still put my amaryllis plant outside as the growing instructions suggest? Or, should I leave it inside the house, which is air conditioned?


4. Care for Amaryllis

Asked by Anonymous - March 8, 2011

Several days after my plant bloomed,  I discovered the stalk and the leaves have now bent over.  I could use information on its care. I’m unsure of how much stalk to cut back and if i need to cut the leaves. This is a potted indoor plant, and it’s the first season, as I received it as a Christmas gift.


5. Amaryllis Plant

Asked by Anonymous - March 24, 2011

When should you let this houseplant go dormant? When should you put it in light and water again?

6. Amaryllis Flowers

Asked by Anonymous - April 5, 2011

Once the flowers have died on the amaryllis, should you cut just the flowers away and leave the stalk for reflowering, or should you cut the entire stalk?


7. Amaryllis

Asked by zoedog1 - April 12, 2011

My amaryllis has finished flowering. Where the flowers were I have got what look like bulbs. What do I do with them? Are they small bulbs?

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