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  1. when should I cut pine cones off
Asked by atripp on August 17, 2015
When Should I Cut Pine Cones Off

I have a small weeping pine (about 3 ft tall). This is its first year in my yard. I planted it in spring this year. It is doing AMAZINGLY well and seems to like its new home. Just this week (August) I noticed fairly large (seems to me for the tree size) and abundant pine cones all over it. So since I am interested in tree growth right now. I’m wondering if I should cut them off. Leave them? They almost seem to be weighing the tree down. Should I just be happy and leave it be? The tree is staked so that is keeping it upright and tall; otherwise, I think it would fall over!

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

There is really no need to remove the cones. They add another element of interest on the tree.

Here is a link with information on Weeping Pines.


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