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  1. planting Bee Bee Tree fall or spring
Asked by Kathleen Leitner on July 23, 2017
Planting Bee Bee Tree Fall or Spring

we raise bees, we have 160 acres of farm land, mostly pasture. zone 5.

we would like to plant in a location full sun.

we would like to plant a larger tree closer to blooming stage. should we plant in fall or spring?

Thank you, Kathleen Leitner, Camphill Ghent 2542 rte 66, Chatham NY 12037


With a larger tree, I'd go with fall. Even after leaf drop, the roots keep working and will be better able to withstand next year's summer if given a fall head start. Of course, regular watering the first year is important. And I'd resist the temptation to fertilize the first year as well unless a soil test shows deficiencies.

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