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  1. Growing a stevia plant
  2. Can I bring my stevia plant indoors to overwinter?
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Asked by Mahria on November 11, 2013
Growing a Stevia Plant

How to propagate? What to do when the plant flowers?


Stevia is easily rooted from cuttings. New (not really tender) growth, good pitting soil, humidity, bottom heat if possible, should root within 2 weeks. Flowers are insignificant, don't do anything. This link should help:

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Asked by palika on August 26, 2015
Can I Bring My Stevia Plant Indoors to Overwinter?

I am wondering if the stevia plant can keep growing and get larger before I harvest it? Mine is about a foot tall now. Will it do alright in a pot indoors?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Yes, you can bring your herbs indoors to grow during the winter months.

Make sure they have plenty of sunlight. Find the sunniest spot you can for your plants to grow well.
You may want to set up a grow light for the plants.
Here is a link with more information.

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Asked by Jennifer Swystun on October 23, 2017
Stevia Plant

I lost last year’s to frost. This year I have it wrapped up & under cover, but I don’t feel I’m meeting my Stevia Plant’s needs. They always seem brittle & never really thrive.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

These seem to only be hardy down to zone 8. If you are outside this then it will be common for them to die. You can try to mulch them to help, or even taking a cutting or growing a plant inside. If you kept this plant in container, you would be able to bring it inside during the winter.

Here is an article for more information:

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