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Asked by geo1 on April 25, 2016
Snow in Summer Blooms

My snow in summer just keeps growing the green vines. If I cut off the tops, will they bloom? If not, how do I get them to bloom?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Is your Snow In Summer planted in full sun?
What zone are you growing in?
Snow In Summer will not preform well in the heat and humidity of the south.
Here is an article to refresh you on the care requirements.

An application of phosphorous may encourage blooming.

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Asked by kathe beltran on April 19, 2017
Snow-in-Summer (Cerastium Tomentosum)

Our snow-in-summer has brown, bald spots. We have a beautiful carpet of snow-in-summer in the front lawn area. It gets full sun in Southern California (we have a bit of ocean breeze), but there are more and more bald, brown, dead spots. Our neighbor has the same plant but no bald spots. What might it be? Thank you.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

First, check whether your garden provides the best conditions for this plant. Snow-in-summer does best in gardening zones 3-7, while most of Southern California is in zones 8-10, so the weather is probably a bit hot for them (although the ocean breeze probably helps). Make sure your soil is well-drained and doesn't have patches that stay wet for too long. They also prefer poor soil with not very much organic matter, and with a pH between 6 and 7.8.

To fill in the gaps, you could pull out the dead areas and reseed or divide some of your existing plants.

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