Sea Buckthorn

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  1. Wilted, droopy Sea Buckthorn
  2. Sea Buckthorn planting to create a dense tree shelter-bely
Asked by vanessa89 on February 21, 2016
Wilted, Droopy Sea Buckthorn

So happy to be able to ask someone about my Sea Buckthorn plants because I have been trying so hard: Pics attached.

All my Leikora receive same amount of water, light, and potting soil. The one in center is the male. The females look droopy and awful, especially the one on left. What is happening? Greenhouse grown, shipped fall 2015, transplanted and grown in sunny window in house over winter. Zone 7b. Maybe didn’t water enough indoors but last few days keeping soil moist and full outdoor sunshine to help. I’m at a loss. I will plant outside this spring 2016 if they live.

Thank you for your help.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

We did not receive the images.
Please feel free to send them again.

I am assuming these plants were shipped as bare roots.
It would have been recommended to plant them outdoors in the garden when you received them.
Sea Buckthorn are quite hardy, growing in zones 2-8.
The indoor location is likely lacking in sunlight for the plants.
I would increase the light your plants are receiving.

As soon as danger of frost has passed, I would move these plants to the yard.
Here is a link to refresh you on the care requirements.

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Asked by Anonymous on February 20, 2018
Sea Buckthorn Planting to Create a Dense Tree Shelter-Bely

I live on the Isle of Skye.My garden is 60 to 80 feet above sea level and is circa 200 meters from the open coastal loch with RHum being ther next stop south eastwards.I need a very good shelter-belt of ecologically beneficial hardy plants.An open field drops from my garden to the small tidal estuary some 200m away.This field is used by ba crofter for sheep and cattle on alternate visits.Question: will Sea buckthorn be dangerous to these animals? As the soil is very peaty of ph:6,and well drained will this offer good growing conditions to S/B? Finally I have never seen the plant growing in the Western Isles before, therefore would it be classifield as a native invasive plant to be avoided in these coastal regions?? Thank you for your kind attention.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

As far as I can tell, it is disputed whether sea buckthorn is introduced or native to Scotland. I am not sure about whether it may be considered invasive in the Isle of Skye, so you might want to contact a local expert, such as an extension agent at a university near you (that has a horticulture, agriculture, or natural resources program) with your question. It is a fast-spreading plant.

Both sheep and cattle can graze on sea buckthorn, but if it becomes a dense thicket, it will keep the animals out and they will probably avoid it.

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