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  1. Our mountain ash has suckers
  2. Mountain Ash Tree Berries
Asked by vite44 on October 2, 2014
Our Mountain Ash Has Suckers

Our mountain ash has suckers or shoots at the base and we would like to know how to stop these. The tree is 6 feet tall and we brought it with us from our old place in a big pot. How do we prune these off and stop them from coming back? Thanks.


The suckers may be a result of the stress of being transplanted. Cut them off, keep them cut off, give the tree the best care possible, and in a short time it should stop sending the suckers out. Here's some more information you might find helpful.

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Asked by Anonymous on November 9, 2014
Mountain Ash Tree Berries

I have a mountain ash tree in my yard which has produced many clusters of berries each year. For some reason, this season did not produce any berries at all. The tree is over 20 years old and has always produced lots of berries until this year. What could have caused this?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Did you have a late frost in the spring? Many parts of the country did this year and is likely what happened to you. These late frosts killed the flowers on the trees and without the flowers, the tree cannot produce berries or fruit.

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