James Grieve Apple Trees

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  1. apple tree not blossomed
Asked by cathkh40 on April 23, 2014
Apple Tree Not Blossomed

Bought a James Grieve apple tree 2 years ago. It blossomed and had a few apples, which shriveled up and fell, but this year no blossoms at all…but the leaves look healthy.


thanks for your answer,I just wondered why it didnt blossom this year but did last year,it also had a few apples but as i said in my first post they shrivelled and dropped.

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Patience is required for young trees to bear fruit...yours is still a baby. This article will tell you more about growing a healthy apple tree: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/fruits/apples/apple-tree-planting.htm

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