Hyacinth Bush

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  1. Hyacinth Bush
Asked by myers20032002 on May 29, 2014
Hyacinth Bush

I live in Iowa and I’m renting a house that has 2 Hyacinth bushes next to the garage. Neither bloomed this year and they were not cared for in the recent past years by the previous owners. What can I do to help the bushes come back for blooming next year? How can I tell if they are too far gone as well? This is really my first gardening experience with a Hyacinth bush and I want to help these poor bushes bloom again.


Hyacinth is a fragrant spring flower that grows from lily-like leaves. If you mean Hydrangea bush, however, here is an article on growing these popular bushes: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/shrubs/holly/trimming-holly-bushes-how-to-prune-holly-bushes.htm
and another article on pruning them, which you will need to do if you wish to rejuvenate the bushes: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/shrubs/hydrangea/prune-hydrangea-bushes-hydrangea-pruning-instructions.htm

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