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Asked by Anonymous on March 27, 2018
Hickory Trees and Soil and Pentas

Just moved to new location and in yard have several hickory trees. I have tried to plant and re-plant pentas under the hickory’s but the pentas are not doing well. Pentas are not difficult to grow and I have grown them for many years. Away from the hickorys the pentas are flourishing in the yard. Even the pentas which are not directly under the canopy of the hickory trees but just close are not doing well. I am wondering about the PH level from the hickorys.
Can the hickorys create a high or low PH level from all the leaves and nuts that have fallen?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Pentas like sun. My best guess is the simplest one - the shade cast by your hickory tress is keeping the pentas from getting the light that they need.
There's another less likely but not impossible cause. Hickory nut shells exude a small amount of a chemical called juglone. You can read about it here:
Juglone can be toxic to some plants. If the trees have been dropping nuts for years, there's a chance the juglone in the soil has reached a level that's toxic to your pentas.

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Asked by BEVERLY STANTON on April 4, 2018
Hickory Tree

I have three old hickory trees what grow under them like flower ect’?


Hickory trees produce the same toxin as walnut trees but to a lesser degree. The toxin juglone from these trees causes a dramatic wilting of susceptible plants. This article contains a list of plants that are not affected. https://extension.psu.edu/landscaping-and-gardening-around-walnuts-and-other-juglone-producing-plants
If you live in another region, search online for a list of juglone-resistent flowers in your state.

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