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Asked by Anonymous on July 24, 2011
Golden Chain Tree Dying

I purchased a Laburnum alpinum from a mail nursery, potted it, and followed instructions. It developed good foliage, so I planted it accordingly. The leaves yellowed and died, and the stalk is dead to about three inches above ground. I live in northeast Ga. , but the ground it’s in is not clay, and is arable. I tried Dithane with no success.


Here is information about growing the golden chaintree:

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Asked by on June 9, 2016
Groundhog Damage

I had a young (2 ft whip) golden chain tree waiting to be planted on my deck. Groundhog ate all the leaves. will the tree come back? Should I plant it or forget it?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Without seeing the severity of the damage, I would wait.
Leave the tree in the container and wait to see if you have new growth.

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Asked by suzie on June 20, 2017
Golden Chain Tree?

Planted golden chain tree in well drained yard this spring. It had about 10 small branches with leaves, but now all leaves have fallen off. There are still buds on the branches. Is it dead?


To see if the plant is still viable start cutting stems from the outer edge/tips until you see a greenish appearance within the stem. If you continue to cut down lower and the stem is dry and brittle you may have lost your tree. You can also check the buds by snapping off a few to see if the plant tissue is dry and crisp, or still pliable. Also, a consideration is if the plant tree was planted too deeply. When planted you should still be able to see the top of the original root ball. If you cannot see this, and it has been covered with several inches of soil, that may be a variable that has caused your issues. Be careful not to overwater the tree if you find it is still viable as the tree cannot assimilate water as well as a plant with foliage. Once you start to see new leaf development you can start increasing the water.

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