Blue Billow Hydrangea

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  1. blue billow hydrangea
Asked by Sharon E Green on January 1, 2017
Blue Billow Hydrangea

My Blue Billow hydrangea has yet to bloom. I’ve planted two. The first one was planted about five or six years ago. It’s still pretty small. The other one was planted almost a year ago so it is young. Neither has bloomed. I’ve planted it in shade. It gets a tiny bit of sun, but that’s all. Should I feed them or what? If I feed them, what do I use? I have put compost around them.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

The lack of sunlight or incorrect pruning techniques are the most likely culprits. Another possibility is lack of phosphorus in the soil. Excessive nitrogen fertilizer can also prevent flowering, but it sounds like you haven't added high nitrogen fertilizer.

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