Top Questions About Akebia Vines

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Questions About Akebia Vines

Asked by
cjcx on
August 8, 2015

Q. Akebia invasion

I have a deck with Akebia growing over top to shade it. It is a cedar deck and the Akebia is now under the deck and growing through the floor and now is starting to invade the family room. HOW? Need advice on taming the underdeck growth. The deck is about 3′ from ground and enclosed.

Answered by
Downtoearthdigs on
August 11, 2015
Certified Expert

I would heavily prune the vine to help control it.
If you are wanting to remove the vine entirely you will likely need to use a herbicide to kill the fast growing vine.

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Asked by
Anonymous on
May 30, 2018

Q. Akebia quinata, leaves are turning brown very quickly, why?

Akebia quinata.

The leaves of my plant are browning quickly, it doesn’t grow very much, if at all. I feel it is dying. I bought it a month ago. I don’t know what to do to make it well.

The plant is about two feet tall. It is indoor in a pot with a “sunlight” bulb, not far from a window. I water it every week, and soil is a mix of earth and sand.

Can you tell me why the leaves are brown? Can you help me save my plant? Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you 🙂

Answered by
Downtoearthdigs on
May 31, 2018
Certified Expert

I assume you purchased your plant from a garden center or greenhouse. Moving it to a lower light situation may have stressed the plant.

Also watering can be a cause of the leaves drying up. Make sure the soil dries slightly between watering. The container should be well draining.

Even though you do have additional light from a grow light, this plant may be best in an outdoor location.

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Asked by
jeanbruinsdavies on
October 1, 2018

Q. will my akebia thrieve in an antique metal crate about 18 X 24″ X 12″ tall?

It has not arrived as yet, coming through the mail. I live in Sacramento, CA.

Answered by
drtreelove on
October 2, 2018

That's not easy to answer. The size of the crate sounds okay for a short term period of time, a couple of years maybe. But Akebia is a large growing vine and will need more soil volume eventually. Will you be able to transplant it out?
Does the crate have solid sides and bottom? With drainage? Because if it is too porous in anyway the soil will dry out too readily; if it doesn't drain well the soil may stay too wet and cause root rot.
I would also be concerned about the material of an antique metal crate. Is it possible that the soil could become contaminated with heavy metals from lead paint, corrosion or flaking.
Think about those factors and here's an article to help you get the growing conditions right:

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