1. How Can I Grow a Scotch Pine or a Blue Spruce From Seeds?

Asked by squid - May 7, 2011

I have been wanting to grow myself a pine tree from seeds for some time now. They tell me it’s difficult, but possible. I realize this tree will eventually get too big for indoors, but I would also like to keep it inside for as long as possible. Your expertise would be appreciated. Thanks


2. Watering Dwarf Alberta Spruce in Container

Asked by Anonymous - May 24, 2011

I just planted two Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees in containers. I watered them very well after planting. I want to know how often I should water. I live in central Jersey. The pots are not ceramic nor are they clay. They may be a fiberglass material; they look heavy but are not.


3. Planting Near Pines

Asked by Anonymous - May 28, 2011

Had a company cut a big ‘hole’ between two 40-foot blue spruce trees. What can I grow in the ‘hole’ to be able to NOT see the neighbor’s yard?

4. Blue Spruce Trees

Asked by bulldog - July 11, 2011

What product should I use for needlecast on my Blue Spruce trees?

  • There are several fungicides recommended for the treatment of this disease. Please contact your local extension office (found under gov’t in the phone book) for suggestions on what works best in your area.


5. Blue Spruce

Asked by Anonymous - October 27, 2011

Will a Colorado Blue Spruce grow well in a large container? Or, what other evergreen tree will do well?


6. Wintering Bare Root Trees

Asked by Anonymous - October 31, 2011

I live in Alaska and have some tree seedlings that I will not be able to plant until next year. They are white/Lutz spruce and are 10 inches tall. How and where can I safely keep them for winter and when next year can I plant them?

7. Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Asked by Anonymous - December 4, 2011

Can a dwarf Alberta spruce be grown in a container in Tucson, AZ if it is moved into the air conditioning in the hot weather?

  • Yes, these trees can be successfully grown in containers. However, it may not be necessary to move yours inside. If you have a shady location, you could simply move it there and keep it watered in hot temps at least twice a day. Indoors plants can be affected by the low humidity levels caused by air conditioning and may need to be misted on a daily basis or set on a tray of pebbles filled with water to make up for this lack of humidity. Also, it helps to keep them away from any a/c vents.

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