1. How to Save My Hibiscus

Asked by joanna - February 9, 2011

My rose of sharon has a chunk bitten out of her. It looks like maybe a deer tried to take a bite out of it doing the winter. The bite is under the main branches. Thanks.

  • As long as the bark is not girdled (removed all the way around the trunk), the best thing you can do is clean the wound out with water and then wrap the area loosely with tree paper for the winter. Do not paint the wound or fill it in as this can trap disease against the open wound and cause serious damage.

    It was likely deer that did this, so I would also recommend that you take some action to protect this plant and surrounding plants. Deer tend to feed on a path, so will often return to areas they had fed before. This time of year (due to over population) they are starving and will eat ANYTHING (bark, branches, anything that is plant and can be chewed). Wrap the trunk in chicken wire to prevent further damage and take similar steps with surrounding plants.

2. Rose of Sharon

Asked by Anonymous - May 1, 2011

I started a rose of sharon last year. I need to know what to do for it. Trim it back, etc.

3. When Should My Rose of Sharon Bushes Start to Bud?

Asked by JBarton - May 23, 2011

We planted three rose of sharon bushes/trees last fall. They did have some leaves and a few blooms on them. We had an extremely dry winter. We did water a bit. It is now past the middle of May, and we still don’t have any buds on them. We don’t think they are dead, as they are still limber. When should we be seeing leaves budding?


4. How Can You Tell if a Tree Is Sick

Asked by Lisa - May 30, 2011

We have trees around us that have branches with no leaves. The leaves on other branches are wilting and falling off. We have had a lot of rain. It is now hot and muggy out. We have two bushes of rose of sharon. One is doing well and the other one close to the bad tree is small and not doing well. What could be wrong?

  • If the trees are not growing leaves, they definitely are sick. What it might be are many different things. I would recommend taking pictures of the problem plants and then taking these to your local extension service. They can help you identify the issue and correct it.

5. Hibiscus

Asked by Fae Bierig - June 4, 2011

I have a rose of sharon hibiscus which is growing without form. Tell me how to remedy this problem and the proper way to prune. Thanks. . . . Fae Bierig


6. Care for Established Rose of Sharon Hibiscus

Asked by Anonymous - July 6, 2011

I live in Wisconsin and have a Rose of Sharon bush. I would like guidance with fertilizing this 8 ft. bush. Due to half of the multi-stemmed bush dying, I have trimmed it to half its width or about 4 ft.

  • Your Rose of Sharon only needs a dose of all purpose fertilizer once a year. These hardy shrubs can easily be revived with hard pruning – almost to the ground if necessary. With annual pruning, flower production will increase.

7. Pruning Rose of Sharon

Asked by pedorthist - July 14, 2011

When is the right time to prune a Rose of Sharon standard?

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