1. Pine Tree Dying (Brown) – Illinois

Asked by Anonymous - September 6, 2011

My Pine tree appears to be dying. I have 3 pine trees in a row. They are over 30 years old. The first tree died at the end of the year last year, but I kept it in hopes that it was just adjusting to climate. It is definitely dead. The second tree is now experiencing similar problems and I have sprayed insecticide and placed nutrients around the tree. The third tee is just beginning to show signs of the same problem. Who can I contact in DuPage County, Illinois to help me save my trees?


2. Pine Cones

Asked by Anonymous - September 8, 2011

When does a spruce or pine trees start to produce pine cones? Is it near the end of their life?


3. How Long Does Sap Run From Limb of Mature Pine Tree?

Asked by AnnyzYard - September 23, 2011

My neighbor, in August, cut a few limbs off two pine trees. The sap drips on my wood deck AND my concrete patio floor. Aside from cleaning the drip spots, the sap is of course tracked onto the interior flooring of my home. How long do I have to put up with the sap?

  • It really should have stopped by now. If it is still weeping sap, this means it likely has an issue with the cut. I would ask your neighbor to check the cuts and see if one has a fungus infection or a pest problem. As a precaution, he should treat the cuts with a fungicide.

4. Are My Trees Dying?

Asked by Anonymous - October 25, 2011

I have several pine trees on the north side of my home that I have lived at for 4 years. I noticed that from the inside out the needle are turning orange as if they are dying. The trees are easily 30 years old. I am concerned the trees are dying. Any information you have on this will be helpful.

  • It is hard to say without seeing the trees, but it does sound like they have a problem. If they have been healthy up until now, then you should check for environmental changes that could be making them ill. Things like new construction or plantings can divert water and nutrients from the trees. Has there been any changes like this near the trees? We recommend that you have a local arborist come and look at the trees. He or she can better give you information on what may be wrong with the trees.

5. Pine Tree Turning Brown

Asked by Anonymous - November 11, 2011

If a pine tree has turned brown and looks dead, is the tree really dead or will it come back (turn green again)?


6. Pine Trees

Asked by Anonymous - April 29, 2012

Pine tree needles are turning brown and falling off. Some of the trees have completely died. My neighbor claims there is some type of copper spray that could cure this problem but doesn’t have the name of the product.

  • Do you know the variety of the tree? There are several species specific diseases that might cause this, but I need to know the species to investigate. If you can send me the type of pine tree it is, I should be able to give you some direction in what might be killing it.

7. Pine Tree Resin

Asked by jonjon2010 - May 27, 2012

There is an old pine tree in my garden that has recently started to drip resin.

This leaves the paving slabs under it sticky and difficult to remove.

Why has this just started, is it because the tree is old?

Can I do anything to stop it or do I have to cut down the tree?

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