1. Black Spots on Fuitless Mulberry

Asked by Anonymous - November 8, 2010

My Mulberry leaves have developed many black spots without the yellowing. They were healthy throughout the summer but as winter approaches, this fungi has appeared. I can rake up the fallen leaves and burn them but what kind of fungicide should I buy?


2. Fruitless Mulberry Tree Dying

Asked by Anonymous - January 4, 2011

I am hoping that somebody can answer my question. I have had the most lush and beautiful, full fruitless mulberry tree. Last year, I had less leaves. This summer we had even less and stunted leaves (we could see through the tree clearly). It provided very little shade. It was kind of like one half of a branch grew, with smaller leaves and the other half of the branch did not grow. In fact, it was dead. I had a few people check out our tree and they had never seen the problem, or said it was dying. Now, there is a huge batch of mushrooms in a cluster at the bottom. Not in the grass, but on the tree trunk base. I am wondering if it is connected, or a fungus in the tree. What do I treat the area with, after I knock them off? We love our tree. Can anyone help us?


3. Mulberry Tree

Asked by Anonymous - January 6, 2011

My fruitless mulberry tree has black under its bark on some branches–it’s almost powdery to the touch. –Is my tree diseased? Is there something I can do to help it recover?


4. Mulberry

Asked by mamama - January 23, 2011

where is it possible in the uk to buy a mulberry tree and would i only need one for fruiting?

  • I believe it is possible to buy them in the UK. While they can fruit without a tree of the other sex, the trick is making sure you get a female (fruiting) tree and not a male. Also, female trees produce better if there is a male tree within at least a few miles.

5. White Mulberry Tree

Asked by Anonymous - March 13, 2011

I have bought a foot high white mulberry and didn’t realize until I did a search, that they are huge trees. Can I grow it in a large pot and keep the roots trimmed? I live in Sydney, Australia, ┬áso it’s quite clement weather. Also, should I fertilize soon, or wait for a while?

6. Dead Mulberry

Asked by Anonymous - May 2, 2011

I had a 15 year old, non-bearing, Mulberry tree die in 3 months. It lost its leaves in December (Pheonix, AZ) and never came back. It looks like it was dipped in a vat of liquid nitrogen. I dug it up today and the roots are black, rotten and stinky.

It was watered every 4-5 weeks in the winter and every 2 weeks in the summer via flood irrigation. Fertilized with cow manure yearly (we own the cow). Any ideas what this disease is?

I’ve burned the tree and root ball and left the hole open to air out, but am concerned about my other trees. My other Mulberry, about 50 feet away has markedly small leaves this year.

  • The tree has definitely suffered from root rot as a result of overwatering, especially during the winter months. These trees do not need to be watered so much during their winter dormancy or you will run the risk of rotting the root system, which I think is the case here.

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