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What could be possibly wrong with my avocado trees?

Hello Avocado Experts,

Two of the three avocado plants I have grown from seeds are showing sypmtoms such as holes and brownings, especially with the new leaves. I am giving it 6 hours of sun and watering regularly (3~4 days a week). Based on the picture, can any experts tell what is wrong?

Thank you so much!

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3 Comments To "What could be possibly wrong with my avocado trees?"

#1 Comment By BushDoctor On 06/30/2019 @ 2:32 pm

Yes, this is fungal spotting. This is typical of seeds started with toothpick and water. Everything has to be completely sterile for this method to work without infecting the tree from the start.

If this was started in potting soil without first inserting toothpicks, then there could be the possibility of the soil remaining too wet for too long without a dry out between watering at some point during the process. These can all lead to fungal infection.

What you can do from here will be to use, roughly, a HALF CUP of DOLOMITIC LIME and a TEASPOON of WETTABLE SULFUR. Scatter this into the top of the soil and water in once dry, completely, down to two or three inches.

You can apply this once or twice per year to prevent such infections. It also adds needed calcium, magnesium, sulfur and carbon to the soil.

In addition, you may want to treat the top of the plant above the soil line with a spray fungicide. This article will help: [1]

This article will help you to grow avocado in container: [2]

#2 Comment By yh98srk On 06/30/2019 @ 2:47 pm

@BushDoctor Thank you so much! I am heading out to buy Dolomitic Lime, Wettable Sulfur, and fungicide.

Could you kindly clarify what you mean by “Scatter this into the top of the soil and water in once dry, completely, down to two or three inches”? Do you mean put the compound in the soil and (don’t water it right after) but water it once the soil is completely dry?

#3 Comment By BushDoctor On 07/19/2019 @ 3:38 pm

I’m sorry, I’m just seeing this… Yes, I mean scatter it, and wait to water until it is suitable. You never want to water when the soil is still moist.

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