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Brown tips on my peace lilly

About a week ago I transplanted my peace Lilly to a larger pot, since then the tips of the leaves are turning brown, please help.

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#1 Comment By MichiganDot On 10/05/2018 @ 7:08 pm

Yellow leaf tips/edges often means a leaf is not getting enough moisture. However, this can be due to under or overwatering. Overwatering causes rot root in peace lilies which means not enough healthy roots are left to nourish the plant. The result is that your plant looks like it needs more water! Perhaps your potting mix is too dense. Try adding additional perlite to your mix to make it drain and dry faster. For now, slide the plant out of its pot. If the soil is wet or roots look soft and rotten, replant it with dry mix and water gently. Make sure the soil is dry one inch down into the soil before watering again. If you re-used potting soil, there is a chance you introduced microbes that are attacking the roots. Here are articles on peace lily care and problems: [1]. [2]

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