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  1. Growing wildflowers
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  3. Transplanting wild flowers from seed from inside to outside.
Asked by Anonymous on September 11, 2017
Growing Wildflowers

Do wildflowers come up looking like weeds?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Wldflowers are often sold in seed mixes, so it's hard to predict what the plants will look like. Yes, this can make the plants look like a patch of weeds at first.

If the seed packet includes a list of the types of flowers included, you can look up each plant individually to see what its leaves look like when it is a seedling or an older plant. If not, the only way to tell is to wait for them to flower.

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Asked by Anonymous on November 11, 2017
Wild Plants

How can we grow wild plants?


It is illegal to remove plants from private, state and federal lands. Your best bet is to find the native plant nursery nearest you; just do an internet search for them. The offer seeds, plants and lots of free advice. Also search for a chapter of WildOnes.org or other native plant group near you. Collecting seed from the wild is not for beginners. First, it is difficult to tell some native plants from their invasive look-alikes. Second, many native seeds have specific germination requirements and may take months before they sprout. Buy from the native plant nursery that is closest to you. They will have the seeds and plants that have evolved and thrived in your climate and soil conditions.

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Asked by p.c.raff on April 9, 2018
Transplanting Wild Flowers From Seed From Inside to Outside.

The flowers are getting pretty tall , it’s till cold here in Illinois, like to plant themuydoors but I don’t think they would survive from the elements. I would love to get any suggestions on what I could do. Thank you, Regards, Patrick Rafferty


I don't know the answer, I want an answer

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