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Asked by Dr.Shashikant on September 16, 2014
Turmeric Flowering

In kitchen garden is turmeric flowering common every year? I am fond of kitchen garden in 3 feet x 6 feet balcony. This is consecutive forth year for my turmeric. This year yet no flowering for turmeric, though 6-8 turmeric plants growing nicely in pots with 2-3 feet leaves. Also, I have planted Ginger, onion for seeds, mustard, funugreek. I have prepared my own cocopeat at home. 🙂


Turmeric is not so commonly grown in the US, and I'm not sure about this, but I know that when some plants, such as iris, stop flowering, it's a sign that they need to be divided. So I suggest you try that, and let us know what happens.

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Asked by Anonymous on January 14, 2018
Turmeric Root

Purchased some roots & planted. When they sprout can I transplant ?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

If your plants come up too close together, you can transplant them when they sprout or when they're about 2 inches tall to their final locations.

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