Toadflax Plants

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  1. can you help me identify this plant?
  2. Linaria reticulata did not thrive
Asked by kellieco on September 22, 2014
Can You Help Me Identify This Plant?

I dug a flower bed this year & this plant grew. I dug up some branches, looked like some kind of a fir tree had been there. That’s kind of what these new plants resemble. I do like them. I’m sending pictures of them. Thanks


Hi! I believe this is Yellow Toadflax, the Latin name is Linaria vulgaris. It is a perennial weed.

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Asked by Anonymous on June 24, 2015
Linaria Reticulata Did Not Thrive

We put out Linaria reticulata “Flamenco” seedlings in March. We have formerly had great luck- tons of flowers, etc. Instead, these sort of staggered along with a few tiny flowers and recently gave up the ghost. We treated them the same as previously. What happened?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

What sort of symptoms did you see? Was there any spotting on the leaves, yellowing, or other damage to the leaves? If you let us know this, it will help us better pinpoint what the issue may have been.

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