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  1. About My Sunflower/Sunchoke?
  2. Jerusalem artichokes and shallots eaten by small grey worms inside tuber
Asked by beginner on November 10, 2011
About My Sunflower/Sunchoke?

I have a volunteer sunflower. When digging it up for the winter, I discovered rhizomes instead of roots. Does this mean that it is an edible sunflower and the rhizomes are sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Most likely, yes. I would be careful though. While sunchokes are tasty, they can become invasive quickly. 1 tuber can produce up to 20lbs of additional tubers in a season. So they can quickly take over an area.

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Asked by supergran! on June 25, 2014
Jerusalem Artichokes and Shallots Eaten by Small Grey Worms Inside Tuber

How can I clean the earth and what is the pest?


This article contains suggests a possibility:
The best way to get an identification and specific treatment is to take a sample to the local Extension Service. This will help you locate one:

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