Spring Cactus Plant

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  1. Spring cactus
Asked by Anonymous on April 11, 2017
Spring Cactus

I have a spring cactus. Everyday a leaf falls off. It was given to me in a small container, and I was told to transplant it to a bigger pot, which I did. I watered it after transplanting. It has been almost 2 weeks
The soil is still a bit damp. What am I doing wrong ?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Your Easter Cactus may be suffering from root rot.
When repotting your plant it's important not to use to large of a container. Easter Cactus actually prefer to be a bit root bound.
I would actually recommend you lift the plant from the wet soil and pot. If the roots are black or soft, trim them and repot into a smaller pot with fresh soil.
Do not water until the soil dries slightly.

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