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Questions About Spinach

  • Answered by
    GKH_Susan on
    November 29, 2019
    Certified Expert

    Specific diagnosis and recommendations are not possible without more information on growing conditions and management, but here are some general suggestions of what the possibilities may be.

    The first consideration is water management, too much or too little. Inadequate soil moisture will not provide good uptake of water and nutrients. Too much water can inhibit oxygen to roots and cause root rot.

    Chicken manure, if not aged or composted, can be quite "hot" and burn/desiccate roots and cause drying, yellowing or die-back.

    Aged/composted chook manure and seaweed supplements can be very good sources of plant nutrients, but they are not necessarily complete. The pale color, if not water related, could be due to nutrient deficiencies. Or it could be due to alkalinity (high pH) that is blocking assimilation of certain micronutrients. A pH test may be in order as a first step.

    Soil analysis and recommendations for amendments based on actual deficiencies and imbalances found in the soil test is the best way to address soil fertility and plant nutrition. But sometimes for a small garden or limited budget that is not practical/affordable.

    The next best is to fertilize with a complete organic fertilizer.

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