Top Questions About Rose Of Sharon Plants

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Questions About Rose Of Sharon Plants

Asked by
Neumunz on
October 27, 2019

Q. Why is one rose of sharon healthy when another 20 feet away is wilting and turning yellow?

Please see photos. Both have in-ground watering, now turned off.

Answered by
BushDoctor on
October 29, 2019
Certified Expert

Normally, an established Rose of Sharon will not need any extra water. They are semi drought tolerant, and can be sensitive to overwatering. Water only when the soil is bone dry down to about 4 inches or so.

With that being said... It seems that time has caught up to the unlucky one with less of an "immune system". From here, I would treat with a fungicide, and treat again in the spring. This article will help:

Make sure to let the soil dry out quite a bit between waterings. You will likely not need the watering system, unless you just want it handy for times of severe drought.

Of course, that is just the most common reasoning for this to happen. Depending on the location, and your feeding habits, the tree can be lacking in nutrients from being higher in elevation, or can be overfed do to sitting in a low spot.

If you do not feed at all, then this can cause yellowing leaves as well.

This article will help you to care for the shrub:

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Asked by
Anonymous on
January 15, 2020

Q. Winter care for Rose of Sharon tree with tiny tiny bugs on leaves

I bought Rose of Sharon tree early summer. As guided I left tree in my living for winter. When I water them I found so many tiny black dots. My family is in panic and ask me to leave it outside. I cannot it will die in cold weather. Now the black dots turn to white. Plz help me I need good advice. Also the bugs will spread whole my house? Thanks

Answered by
GKH_Susan on
January 16, 2020
Certified Expert

Rose of Sharon can suffer from a number of pests and diseases. You can move your shrubs to the garage or anywhere it is above freezing to get them out of your living area. Neem oil may help with the bugs.

Does it get below -20 F (-29 C) in Richmondhill? That is the minimum winter temperature for Rose of Sharon. If it gets colder than that, when you plant it next summer, you will have to take precautions for the next winter.

This article may help you treat the diseased parts of the plant:

The second link has some information about other ways to protect your plant in the winter time.

The second link has some information about other ways to protect your plant in the winter time

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