Top Questions About Philodendron Plants

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Questions About Philodendron Plants

Asked by
forrka on
January 20, 2020
Leawood, KS 66209

Q. No New Growth On My Philodendron, Any Suggestions?

I have it in water & I did fertilize recently. It has a healthy amount of roots – I am wondering if I should cut some of them back?

They don’t look very good here…

Answered by
BushDoctor on
January 20, 2020
Certified Expert

That, actually, has the tell-tale markings of the Pothos plant. Though it isn't even closely related, they do have similar care.

With that being said- Growing them in water, unless you grow them hydroponically and with aeration (pumped air) will be a very slow process. They will grow faster in soil, but still usually pretty slow without very bright ambient light.

The only thing to do is make sure to care for the plant as it slowly matures. This means keeping the water fresh, and feeding a few drops of nutrients on the rare occasion. They aren't heavy feeders, though. Keep it warm and in bright but indirect light and it will continue to be healthy.

Alternatively, you can choose to plant it in soil. They will grow much faster, but will require constant care to keep them in check.

These articles will help:

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Asked by
Anonymous on
February 11, 2020

Q. long brown roots from split Philodendron

I have a twenty year old Philodendron Monstera, split leaves (I think the identification is correct) It has always lived in my hall, partial sun, and is happy. But it has long, brown thin ‘roots’ that grow over the pot and creep along the carpet! Some are two/three feet long, and I cannot work out what their purpose is, and I have to loop them out of the way. Can I cut them off, or what is their purpose please?
Many thanks

Answered by
GKH_Susan on
February 12, 2020
Certified Expert

You can cut them off. They are air roots. Here's how:

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