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  1. Design and habit
  2. Oats (for cat grass vs. for human food)
Asked by marshway on May 29, 2017
Design and Habit

I love the look of Northern Sea Oats. Can they be grown as a foundation/bed planting or are they too invasive? I’ve seen them here in New York, at Wave Hill, but I’m wondering about their suitability in Atlanta, GA.

Thank you so much

Ms. M. Heiman

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

It can take work to keep them contained, but if your willing to do so for the effect of these grasses, by all means-use them.
You may want to check on other ornamental grasses to see if any other species would create the effect you are looking for.


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Asked by Charlene Minifie on October 4, 2017
Oats (for Cat Grass vs. For Human Food)

Love your site. I bought Oat Seeds from the pet store and grow it here at home for Cat Grass. It dies off quickly in the little containers I grow it in.
Wondering if these are the same oat seeds used by farmers to grow oat fields.
Because mine don’t grow tall w/ husks and seeds at all (and like I say just die off w/in a week or two).

Could this be because the soil isn’t deep enough, and if it was (like in a field), they would grow into oat stalks?

So yes, I read that oats are the same as “cat grass,” but I don’t see how, being that mine planted for the cat at home just die quickly.

Thank you so very much,

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Yes, the reason they grow and die so quickly is that they are constricted for space in the container. If you use a very large pot, or sow in the open, they will do much better.

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