Maypan Coconut Palm Trees

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  1. How old should a six foot maypan palm be?
  2. Another Palm Question
Asked by Anonymous1 on July 6, 2012
How Old Should a Six Foot Maypan Palm Be?

How old should a six foot maypan palm be? I bought this palm last August, and I was wondering how old it was.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

It is really hard to say. It would depend on many factors such as care, environment and nutrient access. At that height unless it was very neglected, it will not be too old, perhaps only a few years old.

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Asked by Anonymous on July 7, 2013
Another Palm Question

Does anyone know the exact type of coconut palm the sell? (it is the medium sized ones?) Because the large says maypan on it but the medium sized ones don’t, and I bought one thinking it was a maypan, but is not growing like I thought it would. One of the reasons is it has only grown a foot in one year.


You would need to ask the vendor that question.

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