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Asked by Anonymous on May 8, 2014
Hibiscus Care

I have several Fort Myers yellow Hibiscus that are planted in the ground in lower Alabama. The soil was properly prepared. For about a week after planting they bloomed profusely. But after that initial burst they have stopped blooming (not even any buds). The plants are extremely green and healthy looking and I have given them plenty of water, but still no blooms. I originally added Osmocote slow release to the soil. I also have red Hibiscus that are planted adjacent to the yellow ones in the same soil and they are doing great. Any suggestions?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Blooming takes a lot of energy from a plant. When a plant is transplanted, it is forced to refocus its energy on recovering from the stress of being transplanted. No matter how well you prepare the location or how carefully you transplant a plant, all plants experience some level of transplant shock and stress. It sounds like the plant continued to bloom the buds that were already on the plant when you transplanted but has not had the spare energy to produce new buds. It should start to bloom again once it has recovered from the shock of being moved, which should be in just a few weeks.

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