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  1. When to Trim Contorted Filbert shrub or tree?
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Asked by Richard-Pat on July 2, 2017
When to Trim Contorted Filbert Shrub or Tree?

We have a scrub that needs to be trim back and are not sure when the best time to do it in Eastern Tennessee. It is beautiful just has not been trimmed and taken care of. We just bought the house and it has some unusual scrubs and trees but they were not trimmed in it looks like the last couple of years. Also a Holly that is about 10 feet tall.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Suckers should be removed as they appear.
Prune in winter or early spring during dormancy, just before new growth commences.
Thin a corkscrew hazel by removing up to one-third of the oldest and least attractive stems. Cut stems back to their parent branches. To encourage branches to grow outward rather than toward the center of the plant.
Train a corkscrew hazel shrub to grow as a small tree by removing the lower lateral stems during dormancy to create a trunk; this is best done the second year after planting. Continue removing any lower lateral shoots in subsequent years as necessary. Remove branches that do not contribute to the overall look of your small tree when performing normal thinning.

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Asked by lighthouse67 on October 26, 2017
Contorted Filbert

I have a cortorted Filbert(Corylus avellana) that we purchased this summer and the leaves are turning yellow and falling off. I have not been able to find any info as to this tree losing it’s leaves in the fall.
Can you tell me if this tree loses it’s leaves?
Thank you
Brian Feldman


Corylus is a deciduous shrub. New leaves emerge every spring.

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