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Questions About False Cypress

Asked by
Anonymous on
September 25, 2015

Q. Gold Mophead False Cypress

How do I trim my Gold Mophead False Cypress and when is the best time of the year to do this job?

Answered by
Downtoearthdigs on
September 27, 2015

Little pruning is needed on this plant, but when warranted only trim back the new growth of the current season in addition to any dieback. Spring would be the best time during its active growth. Here is more information that may help:

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Asked by
shschill on
October 8, 2018

Q. Is my false cypress dying?

We had to move this 4 year old (4ft) false cypress 3 months ago (from the front of our home to the back). At first it seemed to do well. But 10 days ago I noticed that it is starting to yellow & drop it’s “leaves”.
Is it dying? Is there anything I can do to keep it alive? Any tips will be greatly appreciated

Answered by
drtreelove on
October 8, 2018

The yellowing could be due to the stress from root loss during transplanting. Conifer's like this are slow to respond and this could be a gradual decline related to the root loss. This stress would have been compounded if you have not watered adequately and the tree has not been able to develop a new root system.
The good thing is that from the photo, the amount of foliage affected at this time appears minimal, so I would not say it is dying, just severely stressed.
With winter approaching you cannot expect much to happen until spring. But if mine I would deep water right now and apply a humic acid, kelp, amino acid nutrient solution like this, for root health. And again in spring when new growth starts to form.

There is an outside chance that the yellowing is due to a pest problem, like mites. To cover all the bases, I would recommend that you use a preventive spray treatment with 70% Neem Oil, now and resume in spring with at least once a month applications.

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