Dwarf Hydrangea

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  1. Dog Urine and Tree Issue
Asked by Anonymous on August 31, 2011
Dog Urine and Tree Issue

1. Have a small yard and my dog will only pee in the yard. I water spot immediately but there are many brown spots. Is there something that I can do?

2. Have a dwarf hydrangea tree – had it for ten years. The bark at the base was soft. I removed the soft part, half of the inner structure of the tree. The tree has dead branches and the flowers are half their size. Want to keep it till next year. Should I wrap the base of the tree for winter, and if so, with what?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

For #1, this article should help you:

For the hydrangea, you can wrap the base with paper to help it through the winter. There is a special paper you can buy for wrapping shrub and tree trunks. But that being said, if the trunk has been girdled (where the bark has been removed all the way around) it will likely die. There is little you can do for a plant if disease or damage have girdled it.

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