Dwarf Azalea Plants

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Asked by Oak tree on September 18, 2011
Transplanting Miniature Azalea Plant

I must move this plant soon and wonder if this is the wrong time to do it. I have been nursing it along for several years and it is beautiful right now. Thanks for any info. Enjoy your program.

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Fall is a great time for transplanting. Just make sure to dig up as much of the root system as possible and place it in a suitable location. Also, water the azalea well after transplanting. It may help to trim the shrub back too, though this may reduce blooming next season but will help reduce the chance of shock.

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Asked by Anonymous on February 20, 2018
Dwarf Azalea

What is the cause of my Azalea to collapse open in the middle

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

First, make sure you are giving your azalea the proper conditions for it to stay healthy. Making sure it is in well-drained soil and doesn't get overwatered is especially important, but azaleas can also be killed by drought.

Or, your azalea might have one of the diseases or problems listed here:

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