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  1. eradicating asiatic day weed/day flower from garden bed
Asked by on March 21, 2018
Eradicating Asiatic Day Weed/Day Flower From Garden Bed


Asiatic day weeds (leaf looks similar to wandering jew and has small blue flower with yellow center) are a yearly and never-ending problem in my flower bed. What do you suggest to get rid of it? As fast as I pull them, they return. I’ve tried Roundup Precision Gel to no avail.

Rather than spend time, energy and money on treating these pesky weeds, is there merit in totally removing the garden bed soil and replacing with fresh soil?

Thank you for your advice and help.

L. Wilkins (Mrs.)


Asiatic dayflower is actually an annual but prolifically self-sows. In addition, dropped seed remains viable in the soil for up to 4 years. So pulling frequently for 4 years, making sure you never allow it to go to seed should clear it up. I've hand removed it and found roots 4 inches down in loose soil. If you have clay, it is harder to free it without loosing bits to a clump of clay. Triclopyr, 2-4D and Dicamba are supposedly effective but it won't affect the dropped seed that lingers in the soil.

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