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  1. How to Care for Convolvulus
  2. Identify a Weed
Asked by Barbjones68 on May 11, 2011
How to Care for Convolvulus

I am trying to grow Convolvulus on my window shelf indoors. It gets plenty of sun but for some reason they keep wilting. How do I prevent this from happening?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

If you are talking about seedlings, it sounds like it may be damping off. This article will help:

If they are mature plants, I would look for signs of root rot. This article will help you with that:

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Asked by Anonymous on August 19, 2012
Identify a Weed

It’s a vining weed with no flowers and a long, round stem (up to 12 inches or more) between two opposing leaves, which are shaped like long, thin arrows. It smells like onions when touched. Tendrils will attach to fence, other plants, etc. The vines can be several feet long. My yard is in Tucson, AZ.


That sounds like some of the weed we get here in Colorado called Bind Weed as it climbs and wraps itself around other plants and shrubs. It will bind them all up too if left too long and can kill other flowering and desirable plants. Can be very hard to get rid of even using Round Up.

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