Clove Pink Herb

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  1. Clove Pink Herb
Asked by Anonymous on February 25, 2018
Clove Pink Herb

Would clove pink herbs grow well bunched together? I would like to create a sort of river of herbs that starts below a couple of downspouts and continues downhill. I’m also hoping to choose a type of herb that doesn’t draw wasps and saw on another site that this herb was one option.


Pinks (Dianthus spp) require well-drained soil and is recommended for low-water (xeriscape) gardens. I would put them as far away from the downspouts as you can. Because of the flower shape, most bees can't reach the pollen in Dianthus so they are pollinated by butterflies and moths like the hummingbird moth. Herbs that have a woody structure, e.g. lavender, oregano and thyme, also don't like being in frequently wet soil. It's just something to keep in mind when choosing and placing your herbs. Herbaceous plants, ones that die back to the ground in winter, can tolerate more frequent water. Anything in the mint family plus oregano are aggressive growers, take a lot of space and are bee friendly. It is hard to grow herbs and avoid bees. Look for plants that are pollinated by butterflies; it's a fairly short list.

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